Active 8.x javascript issues

User pain Issue Created
23% details#193799: Warn before losing changes (eg: blocks and menu admin pages) 2007-11-20
23% details#290429: UI: Rename 'menu items' to 'menu links' for more consistency 2008-08-05
23% details#736182: Match States API required fields theming with Forms API 2010-04-29
23% details#900590: Support for the readonly/readwrite attribute 2012-01-04
23% details#1337628: Enhance language select form with textbox and other tools 2011-11-10
23% details#1354992: Protect against JSON data hijacking with typical CSRF protections 2012-06-16
23% details#1663622: Change directory structure for JavaScript files 2012-06-29
23% details#1684968: More reliable statistics.js: retry after 2 s when request fails 2012-07-14
23% details#1786198: Make consistent regions in code for fields UI overview screens 2012-09-17
23% details#1810352: Support version detection of core libraries when implemented through drupal_process_attached (drupal_add_library) 2012-10-11
23% details#1831282: Remove nojs from menu callbacks in favour of content negotiation from the request object 2012-11-04
23% details#1836392: In the Views UI, the interaction pattern of “All displays”/ “Override this display” is confusing 2012-11-13
23% details#1838234: Add jQuery Timepicker for the Time element of the datetime field 2012-11-12
23% details#1841584: Add and configure master displays 2012-11-15
23% details#1847916: Replace the ajax-progress-throbber div with a class 2012-11-22
23% details#1855036: ARIA and accessibility improvements in entity (content) translation settings page 2012-11-30
23% details#1864944: Tests for ajaxPageState does not contain JS files that are in scopes other than 'header' 2012-12-12
23% details#1921136: Previous button for tour tips 2013-03-12
23% details#1982208: Replace indentation theme hook/indentation.html.twig with data attributes 2013-05-02
23% details#1993518: Display batch progress in modals 2013-05-13
23% details#2021065: hide the table header when empty search on the test overview page 2014-10-01
23% details#2101131: Use Dom Promises, aka Futures, to improve the DX for callbacks 2013-09-30
23% details#2101171: Make views options dropdowns part of the navigation of the view 2013-09-30
23% details#2277551: Add a 'static' variant to the progress bar 2014-06-01
23% details#2277761: Remove unnecessarily complex logic from tableresponsive.js 2014-06-01
23% details#2277795: Remove completely irrelevant addition of "menu-item__link" class in tabledrag.js 2014-06-01
23% details#2278473: Simplify Dropbutton markup inline with our CSS standards 2014-06-02
23% details#2278479: Change the dropbutton theme function to ensure consistent output and accommodate the splitbutton design 2014-06-02
23% details#2280035: Add another responsive tables solution that doesn't hide content 2014-06-06
23% details#2343297: Add JS to prevent non-menu blocks from being added to Bartik's two special-purpose menu regions 2014-10-06
23% details#2343777: Add a tooltip to the toggle contextual-link button 2014-09-28
23% details#2346799: Replace #ID selectors for data-drupal-selector attribute 2015-05-14
23% details#2355501: Contextual link triggers cover too much of small contextual regions 2014-10-13
23% details#2359711: Improve Error Message of "Authored By" 2015-02-19
23% details#2408561: [PP-1] Rewrite Quick Edit CSS to meet our CSS standards 2015-01-16
23% details#2489580: Move taxonomy.theme.css to Seven 2015-05-15
23% details#2675320: A list of interactions that could benefit from having a smart frontend framework 2016-02-25
23% details#2707671: Remove optional `string` param type in Drupal.throwError 2016-04-16
23% details#2755223: Consider letting EditorImageDialog return canonical public:// file URLs and let the drupalimage CKEditor plugin transform those to the… 2016-06-24
23% details#2755873: Add ability to show the actual viewport on screenshots in JavascriptTestBase 2016-06-26
23% details#2822932: Make Settings Tray candidates and actively edited items more visually obvious 2016-10-28
23% details#2844582: Move inline javascript in JSWebAssert into a separate javascript file 2017-01-18
23% details#2846903: Use Drupal JS theme functions for outputting machine name preview markup. 2017-01-26
23% details#2863808: File Field design update mobile specific table issue 2017-03-24
23% details#2863846: File Field design update progress bar 2017-03-24
23% details#2864844: Autocomplete with 1 limited number of value should always search full input text 2017-03-28
23% details#2867451: Improve tabledrag.js performance 2017-04-06
23% details#2868299: Improve autocomplete renderItem() docs 2017-04-10
23% details#2869825: Leverage JS for JS testing (using nightwatch) 2017-04-14
23% details#2871619: Refactoring content_type.js 2017-04-21
23% details#2879190: Specify a range of supported Node.js versions in package.json 2017-05-17
23% details#2880168: Refactor drupal.js to take advantage of new language features. 2017-05-21
23% details#2880597: Removing the ES6 comment at the top of .js when "Aggregate JavaScript files" enabled 2017-05-23
23% details#2880754: Remove sourceMap clean up code 2017-05-23
23% details#2882461: To load Tour module's scripts on demand 2017-05-30
23% details#2892440: Provide helper test method to wait for an element to be removed from the page 2017-07-05
23% details#2892881: Change ESLint rule: object-shorthand 2017-07-07
23% details#2893157: Extracts the JS translation string parser from _locale_parse_js_file to a dedicated PHP function 2017-07-07
23% details#2893358: Add documentation Drupal.t() and other JS functions that cannot be aliased because they are scanned for in PHP 2017-07-09
23% details#2893361: Aliasing of `Drupal.t` and `Drupal.formatPlural` in JS 2017-07-09
23% details#2894269: `bool` in JSDoc should be `boolean` 2017-07-12
23% details#2903300: Dispatch an event to indicate the element is anmiated/loaded 2017-08-19
23% details#2906755: Add JS test coverage for the password validation interaction 2017-09-05
23% details#2909481: JavaScript VDOM library evaluation: components returning multiple root nodes 2017-09-18
23% details#2909485: JavaScript VDOM library evaluation: slots vs. vnode props 2017-09-18
23% details#2911171: Toolbar: Fix Code Style (Keep the code DRY) 2017-09-23
23% details#2912962: Step 1 JS codestyle: [meta] Fix JS coding standards in core 2017-09-30
23% details#2912967: Fix “no-new” JS coding standard 2017-09-30
23% details#2913372: Allow forms to be defined in three segments: schema, UI, data 2017-10-02
23% details#2913628: Proposal to use Vue.js for building Drupal’s administrative UI’s 2017-10-03
23% details#2913722: JS Style cleanup: Rewrite Drupal.AjaxError 2017-10-04
23% details#2915294: JavaScript VDOM library evaluation: popularity 2017-10-10
23% details#2915311: JavaScript VDOM library evaluation: integrating web components 2017-10-10
23% details#2915586: JavaScript VDOM library evaluation: patents 2017-10-11
23% details#2916781: Allow off-canvas dialog to be rendered elsewhere on the page 2017-10-17
23% details#2918471: Remove local variables and replace them by this. or Drupal.states. 2017-10-24
23% details#2918868: [policy, no patch] Use a deprecation process for JavaScript similar to what we use for PHP code 2017-10-26
23% details#2920033: Improve drag and drop performance with large menus 2017-10-31
23% details#2920196: Which capabilities should modules have in a new JS based admin UI 2017-11-01
23% details#2924755: Set max line length for JavaScript code comments to 80 (rather than 100) 2017-11-19
23% details#2927407: [Clean Code] Remove unnecessary returns 2017-11-30
23% details#2927413: Remove extra var assignment in Drupal.stringReplace() 2017-11-30
23% details#2927926: Create OffCanvas testing trait to allow other modules to test using off-canvas dialog 2017-12-01
23% details#2940677: Support prefers-reduced-motion in off-canvas dialog 2018-01-30
23% details#2942900: Convert JavascriptTestBase Tests to use DrupalSelenium2Driver 2018-02-07
23% details#2944089: Test Drupal.behaviors.copyFieldValue javascript 2018-02-12
23% details#2948168: Enable object rest spread transform 2018-02-26
23% details#2949816: Fix remaining no-use-before-define eslint errors 2018-03-04
23% details#2951857: Update classList.js to 1.2.2018012 2018-03-10

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