Active 8.x javascript issues

User pain Issue Created
6% details#1490312: [META] Improving CSS and JS preprocessing 2012-03-19
6% details#1649670: [META] Improving Drupal sites JavaScript Licence Compliance 2012-07-19
6% details#1770720: [META] Gradual changes to Field UI 2012-09-11
6% details#1842036: [META] Convert all confirm forms already converted to new routing system to use modal dialog 2012-11-16
6% details#1842040: [meta] Decide on where to use modal dialogs 2012-11-20
6% details#2044579: [meta] Supporting single page application development on Drupal Core. 2013-07-18
6% details#2431671: [meta] Add in js- prefixed classes for separation of JS & CSS functionality 2015-02-23
6% details#2613692: Ajax form elements selector and duplicate IDs 2015-11-11
6% details#2645250: [META] Start using reactive declarative JS programming for some new core admin UIs 2016-01-06
6% details#2655556: [META] Dramatically improve Drupal-provided user interactions through perceived performance boosts and optimistic feedback 2016-01-23
6% details#2912788: [JS] Introduce Snapshot testing into CORE 2017-09-29
6% details#2913790: List of missing APIs 2017-10-04
6% details#2915262: Define the new DBlog UI 2017-10-10
6% details#2923892: Text or Label Only Autocomplete Suggestions 2017-11-15
6% details#2947759: Simple configuration REST support 2018-02-25

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Highlighted rows are killer issues , issues that take a significant effort to fix due to their complexity.