Active 8.x javascript issues

User pain Issue Created
9% details#445098: Provide a consistent method to generate cookies 2009-04-26
9% details#2193333: Follow RFC 4329; use application/javascript instead of text/javascript 2014-02-11
9% details#2253257: Use a modal for config entity delete operation links 2014-04-29
9% details#2254935: Use a modal for content entity form delete link 2014-04-30
9% details#2302545: Add Behat libraries to D8 core 2014-07-14
9% details#2422737: Tabledrag event after dragging elements 2015-02-09
9% details#2465749: [meta] Widespread HTML validation issue - The ID attribute MUST be unique on the page. 2015-04-05
9% details#2539144: improve autocomplete.js 2015-07-24
9% details#2702619: Allow modal dialog to cover toolbar component 2016-04-08
9% details#2773763: Add a method to JavascriptTestBase to help users debug HTML 2016-07-27
9% details#2818463: Provide option to set ajax indicator with .use-ajax and .use-ajax-submit 2016-10-14
9% details#2822969: Allow non-contextual links to trigger Settings Tray "Edit" mode 2016-10-28
9% details#2842298: [policy, no patch] Drop IE9 and IE10 support from Drupal 8.4.x 2017-01-10
9% details#2885090: JS Roadmap for 8.4 2017-06-10

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