User pain Issue Created
75% details#1797438: HTML5 validation is not fully accessible 2012-09-28
75% details#2711907: [regression] Some ajax-enabled buttons are not keyboard operable 2016-04-22
75% details#2863222: Contextual Accessibility: Announcement broken after enabling editing mode a second time 2017-03-23
64% details#1870006: HTML5 validation with table sticky header is misaligned over the toolbar 2012-12-19
64% details#2184897: Consolidate js and possibly requests for history/comment/statistics tracking 2014-01-30
60% details#2235977: JS Client-side file validation is broken (because ajaxPageState is broken?) 2014-07-11
60% details#2542050: Toolbar implementation creates super annoying re-rendering. 2015-07-29
60% details#2624496: "Edit summary" button broken if text area with a summary has description 2015-11-27
60% details#2725255: Unfiltered data in "Allowed HTML tags" 2016-05-14
60% details#2729663: Fragment link pointing to <textarea> should be redirected to CKEditor instance when CKEditor replaced that textarea 2016-05-19
60% details#2814931: Quick edit does not appear for some nodes (espcially frequently quickly-edited ones) 2016-10-08
57% details#2258313: Implement JS Web License Labels to allow for JS minification 2014-05-05
57% details#2316205: Provide a way to disable animations for a11y 2014-08-06
54% details#736066: ajax.js insert command sometimes wraps content in a div, potentially producing invalid HTML and other bugs 2010-03-09
54% details#1988968: Drupal.ajax does not guarantee that "add new JS file to page" commands have finished before calling said JS 2013-05-08
54% details#2493957: Add back errors & summary support to native HTML5 details tag 2015-05-23
54% details#2531700: Fragment links to children elements in closed grouping elements don't work 2015-07-12
54% details#2600804: AJAXified glossary view arguments fail when Language URL detection enabled 2015-10-25
54% details#2784571: Outside-in Accessibility: Allow escape from edit mode with ESC key 2016-08-16
51% details#2666746: [PERFORMANCE] Simultaneous file uploads re-posting data 2016-02-11
45% details#2717629: Add filter group for a View fails 2016-05-02
45% details#2725259: [regression] Table Drag handles no longer respond to up/down arrow keys 2016-05-14
43% details#2113931: File Field design update 2013-10-17
43% details#2141055: When multiple instances of the same entity on one page, only the first can be edited 2013-11-21
43% details#2248223: Adding a new Views filter and making it exposed returns user back to list of filters 2014-04-23
43% details#2412945: Determine which additional asset libraries should be in the critical path/loaded i/t header (core/drupal, core/dropbutton) 2015-01-23
43% details#2498915: Javascript DrupalBehavior error when JQuery UI Dialog not defined in Behavior settings 2015-06-02
43% details#2551785: Unable to scroll toolbar menu items or show contextual links on mobile browsers 2015-08-15
43% details#2561619: Drupal Ajax objects and settings grows endlessly 2015-09-02
43% details#2692359: Use core/drupal.dialog.ajax when using data-dialog-type 2016-03-22
43% details#2705327: Failed to execute 'contains' on 'Node' 2016-04-13
43% details#2782899: Outside In is broken on iOS 2016-08-11
43% details#2787135: Editing mode gets "stuck" after switching between configuration of different blocks 2016-08-19
43% details#2856047: Avoid random failures in JavascriptTestBase when testing functionality in a dialog 2017-02-26
43% details#2858852: [8.3.x regression] Extra fields cannot be used with tabledrag in Manage Display 2017-03-08
43% details#2864807: Autocomplete textfield surrounds titles with double quotes 2017-03-28
43% details#2875947: CSS files not loaded on AJAX calls 2017-05-05
43% details#2876224: Make Drupal.tableDrag.restripeTable 10x faster 2017-05-06
43% details#2880703: Status report page without JavaScript is messed up 2017-05-23
43% details#2902429: Remove previous event handlers when opening new off-canvas block edit form in the off-canvas dialog 2017-08-16
43% details#2905676: ajax.js overwrites WRAPPER_FORMAT when already specified 2017-08-30
43% details#2909128: Autocomplete intermittent on Chrome Android 2017-09-15
40% details#2785589: Fix js and jsdoc of outside-in module 2016-08-17
39% details#2343351: Make picture polyfill optional 2014-09-23
34% details#2315773: Create a menu link field type/widget/formatter 2014-08-05
34% details#2346973: Replace jQuery UI autocomplete with Select2 2014-09-30
34% details#2423093: Allow multiple target entity types in the 'entity_autocomplete' Form API element 2015-02-11
34% details#2554221: Port Cross-site Scripting - Autocomplete system from SA-CORE-2015-003 to Drupal 8 2015-08-20
34% details#2570093: Replace !placeholder with @placeholder where needed in JavaScript 2015-09-17
34% details#2579849: [policy] Do not support 'administrative' CSS, markup, and javascript 2015-10-04
34% details#2708823: Test form #states 2016-04-19
34% details#2781577: Properly style outside-in off canvas tray 2016-08-09
34% details#2782915: Standardize the behavior of links when Outside In editing mode is enabled 2016-08-11
34% details#2784935: Outside In: Use Backbone for client-side state management 2016-08-16
34% details#2815077: Adopt airbnb javascript style guide v14.1 as new baseline javascript coding standards for Drupal 8 core and contrib 2016-10-08
34% details#2815199: Add tools and scripts for writing and running javascript unit tests 2016-10-08
34% details#2828528: Add Quick Edit Functional JS test coverage 2016-11-17
34% details#2837676: Provide a better way to validate all javascript activity is completed 2016-12-19
34% details#2850708: Alternative toolbar flicker solution 2017-02-08
34% details#2863444: Discourage/make impossible to select a "to" date that is before the "from" date 2017-03-23
34% details#2868137: Improve JavaScript build tooling. 2017-04-09
34% details#2878620: Update AirBnB Coding standards to most recent major versions 2017-05-15
34% details#2895713: Update Babel and babel-preset-env to their latest versions 2017-07-18
34% details#2898533: Better define the backwards compatibility/API policy for JavaScript 2017-07-31
34% details#2899055: Update Babel transpile targets to match Drupal supported versions 2017-08-01
34% details#2899141: jQuery Form Plugin update to latest stable release 2017-08-01
34% details#2908864: Update CKEditor library to 4.7.3 2017-09-14
32% details#2314185: [PP-1] DrupalBehaviorError: attach ; quickedit: entityElement.get(...) is undefined 2014-09-02
32% details#2647916: Views ajax modals stop working in certain scenarios: due to JS settings caching, AJAX responses may set wrong ajaxPageState.libraries,… 2016-01-11
32% details#2753941: [Experimental] Create Outside In module MVP to provide block configuration in Off-Canvas tray and expand site edit mode 2016-06-22
32% details#2782885: No indication what page element is being configured with Outside In 2016-08-11
30% details#2395453: Allow client-side caching to be disabled while developing 2014-12-18
29% details#2650910: Contextual links button is always rendered even when no links are available (with warm client-side cache) 2016-01-15
29% details#2764931: Contextual links don't work with 'use-ajax' links 2016-07-12
29% details#2825446: Moving a filter to the end of a Filter group in filter rearrange doesn't work 2016-11-07
29% details#2889600: [regression] Restore \LocaleJavascriptTranslationTest test coverage and keep testing processed JS file 2017-06-26
29% details#2901667: To optimize outside_in Drupal.behaviors.toggleEditMode 2017-08-12
29% details#2904142: Update CKEditor library to 4.7.2 2017-08-23
26% details#1945262: Replace custom weights with dependencies in library declarations; introduce "before" and "after" for conditional… 2013-03-17
26% details#2334403: Addition and deletion of shortcuts should not reload the page 2014-09-11
26% details#2413847: Remove .js class from core 2015-01-25
26% details#2421427: Improve the UX of Quick Editing single-valued image fields 2015-02-08
26% details#2469431: BigPipe for auth users: first send+render the cheap parts of the page, then the expensive parts 2015-04-11
26% details#2527740: Consider to remove support for #ajax['url'] 2015-07-06
26% details#2560457: Support drag-and-drop image uploads in CKEditor 2015-08-31
26% details#2560463: Support oEmbed 2015-08-31
26% details#2809735: Use jscodeshift for ES3/5 to ES6 transform in CORE & Contributed modules 2016-10-01
26% details#2880007: Auto-fix ESLint errors and warnings 2017-05-20
23% details#2822932: Make Settings Tray candidates and actively edited items more visually obvious 2016-10-28
23% details#2885595: Log JavaScript transpile errors instead of crashing the watcher process. 2017-06-13
23% details#2897938: Prevent accessing null elements when operating on ajax instances using the off_canvas renderer 2017-07-27
23% details#2905922: Implementation issue for Layout Builder 2017-08-31
21% details#1203766: With large number of permissions /admin/people/permissions becomes unusable 2011-06-29
21% details#2082319: Comment's node_new_comments View field history markers ("new" comment marker) forces render caching to be per user 2013-09-05
21% details#2796581: Fields must store their region in entity displays 2016-09-07
20% details#2711707: Use of LocalStorage setItem not supported in private browsing in safari, breaking all JS on the site. 2016-04-22
17% details#2551373: contextual.js and quickedit.js should fail gracefully, with useful error messages, when Twig templates forget to print attributes 2015-08-14
17% details#2809477: Add ES6 to ES5 build process 2016-09-30
17% details#2899363: Provide an interface for JavaScript tests to capture browser console messages 2017-08-02
14% details#2119299: Make sure D8 works with mobile proxy browsers 2013-10-24
14% details#2620748: Recoverable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Drupal\comment\CommentManager::getCountNewComments() 2015-11-22
11% details#1090592: [meta] Use HTML5 data-drupal-* attributes instead of #ID selectors in Drupal.settings 2011-03-12
11% details#2082317: Forum history markers ("new" and "updated" markers, "x new posts" links) forces render caching to be per user 2013-09-05
11% details#2513356: Add a default CSP and clickjacking defence and minimal API for CSP to core 2015-06-27
11% details#2651660: Investigate where and how a frontend framework could be used 2016-01-17
11% details#2809281: Use ES6 for core JavaScript development 2016-09-30
9% details#2232271: [Meta] Use Behat for validation testing 2014-04-03
9% details#2465749: [meta] Widespread HTML validation issue - The ID attribute MUST be unique on the page. 2015-04-05
9% details#2547437: [meta] Untestable security-sensitive JavaScript that need tests once we have the infrastructure 2015-08-07
9% details#2842298: [policy, no patch] Drop IE9 and IE10 support from Drupal 8.4.x 2017-01-10
9% details#2885090: JS Roadmap for 8.4 2017-06-10
6% details#2645250: [META] Start using reactive declarative JS programming for some new core admin UIs 2016-01-06
4% details#1787222: [meta] Strategy for updating vendor JS libraries within a major stable version 2012-10-12
4% details#1805452: [meta] Asset library declarations, registry, usage, DX, compatibility, documentation 2012-10-06
4% details#2490140: [Meta] Make sure contrib use ESLint 2015-05-17

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