Last modified active 8.x javascript issues in the last 2 weeks

User pain Issue Changed
43% details#77245: Provide a common API for displaying JavaScript messages 2017-10-20
34% details#2917234: JS codestyle: no-restricted-syntax 2017-10-20
23% details#2905922: Implementation issue for Layout Builder 2017-10-19
23% details#2912967: Fix “no-new” JS coding standard 2017-10-19
34% details#2915784: JS codestyle: camelcase 2017-10-19
26% details#2805197: Provide screen-reader feedback when Views UI filterable options are updated 2017-10-19
34% details#2916154: JS codestyle: no-multi-assign 2017-10-18
29% details#2915762: Return to previous tab position when exiting Off-canvas dialog 2017-10-17
29% details#2764931: Contextual links don't work with 'use-ajax' links 2017-10-17
21% details#2897430: Provide screen-reader feedback when filtering by test name. 2017-10-15
21% details#2805499: Provide screen reader feedback when Views List is filtered by name or description 2017-10-15
34% details#2916294: JS codestyle: no-useless-escape 2017-10-15
17% details#2731991: Setting required on radios marks all options required 2017-10-14
23% details#2408561: [PP-1] Rewrite Quick Edit CSS to meet our CSS standards 2017-10-13
29% details#2906737: With the new jquery 3 checkboxradio and selectmenu error 2017-10-13
40% details#1936708: Current element values missing from vertical tabs when shown in 2-column layout 2017-10-12
29% details#2914826: Drupal.quickedit.metadata stores entity label in window.sessionStorage, does not update after entity label changed 2017-10-11
64% details#1870006: HTML5 validation with table sticky header is misaligned over the toolbar 2017-10-11
23% details#2915311: JavaScript VDOM library evaluation: integrating web components 2017-10-10
23% details#2915294: JavaScript VDOM library evaluation: popularity 2017-10-10
6% details#2915262: Define the new DBlog UI 2017-10-10
29% details#2858890: Drupal.views.ajaxView is not initializing pagers in nested views 2017-10-10
29% details#2897534: Vertical tab's doesn't take in account the open attribute. 2017-10-10
23% details#2914713: JS codestyle: no-throw-literal 2017-10-08
23% details#2912962: Step 1 JS codestyle: [meta] Fix JS coding standards in core 2017-10-08

Sorting of the JavaScript issue queues based on user pain rating.

User pain = Type * Priority * Public / Max score

Highlighted rows are killer issues , issues that take a significant effort to fix due to their complexity.