Last modified active 8.x javascript issues in the last 2 weeks

User pain Issue Changed
23% details#2827014: Throw an exception when testing status code or response headers in functional JavaScript tests 2017-06-25
64% details#2533498: [PP-1] Update jQuery to version 3 2017-06-25
23% details#2888877: Update documentation following airbnb javascript style guide v13 adoption 2017-06-25
17% details#2551373: contextual.js and quickedit.js should fail gracefully, with useful error messages, when Twig templates forget to print attributes 2017-06-23
57% details#2316205: Provide a way to disable animations for a11y 2017-06-23
29% details#2855521: Drupalimage calling drupallink functions without checking if the plugin is loaded 2017-06-21
23% details#2844261: Allow dialog links to specify a renderer in addition to a dialog type 2017-06-21
17% details#2830882: Abstract off-cavs.js (Settings Tray) JS to utilize Drupal.dialog instead of jQuery UI directly 2017-06-21
26% details#2880007: Auto-fix ESLint errors and warnings 2017-06-20
75% details#2711907: [regression] Some ajax-enabled buttons are not keyboard operable 2017-06-20
17% details#2793343: Dialog drupalAutoButtons option should be respected on initial load 2017-06-20
17% details#2550717: [JS] Replace jQuery.cookie with JS-cookie and provide a BC layer 2017-06-20
29% details#2809427: Update jQuery UI to 1.12 2017-06-19
29% details#2226405: FAPI #states: dependent element added via AJAX initializes incorrectly if dependee has been initialized earlier 2017-06-19
64% details#1870006: Fragment navigation with toolbar + tableheader 2017-06-19
29% details#2784495: Normalize block place and outside-in experiences 2017-06-19
29% details#2834346: Contextual links double trigger 2017-06-16
36% details#2885583: Close button in tour module lacks descriptive text 2017-06-15
29% details#2858890: Drupal.views.ajaxView is not initializing pagers in nested views 2017-06-14
46% details#2805205: Provide screen-reader feedback when filtering by block name. 2017-06-14
29% details#2885755: Not all toolbar items are tabs: Toolbar's "activeTab" handling interferes with active-link.js 2017-06-13
60% details#2235977: JS Client-side file validation is broken (because ajaxPageState is broken?) 2017-06-13
23% details#2885595: Install a bumper on JS watch:js script 2017-06-13
57% details#2692805: While positioning dialog min/maxHeight options are ignored in some cases 2017-06-12

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