Last modified active 8.x javascript issues in the last 2 weeks

User pain Issue Changed
29% details#2902769: active-link.js throws JS error if query string parameter contains a single quote 2017-08-17
29% details#2782891: Page Title block's title behaves in a confusing way, especially with Outside In 2017-08-16
43% details#77245: Provide a common API for displaying JavaScript messages 2017-08-16
29% details#2902300: Wrong colspan for all tableDrag tables 2017-08-16
43% details#2902429: Remove previous event handlers 2017-08-16
23% details#2902417: Do not attempt to unlink not present * when watching JavaScript. 2017-08-16
29% details#2902299: Make OffCanvas 100% height on browser has visible scrollbar 2017-08-16
54% details#736066: ajax.js insert command sometimes wraps content in a div, potentially producing invalid HTML and other bugs 2017-08-16
29% details#2902361: In Settings Tray the when form is longer than page body it is tricky to scroll to the very bottom. 2017-08-15
29% details#2902304: Remove `` event 2017-08-15
26% details#2805197: Provide screen-reader feedback when Views UI filterable options are updated 2017-08-15
21% details#1203766: With large number of permissions /admin/people/permissions becomes unusable 2017-08-15
14% details#1854046: Add "changed" hints to translation settings page 2017-08-14
29% details#2901667: To optimize outside_in Drupal.behaviors.toggleEditMode 2017-08-12
29% details#2889600: [regression] Restore \LocaleJavascriptTranslationTest test coverage and keep testing processed JS file 2017-08-11
23% details#2880168: Refactor drupal.js to take advantage of new language features. 2017-08-11
29% details#2899156: Update jquery-once to latest release 2017-08-10
54% details#1988968: Drupal.ajax does not guarantee that "add new JS file to page" commands have finished before calling said JS 2017-08-09
14% details#2892973: Missing required * 2017-08-09
43% details#2880703: Status report page without JavaScript is messed up 2017-08-09
29% details#2855521: Drupalimage calling drupallink functions without checking if the plugin is loaded 2017-08-09
29% details#2871829: Simultaneous AJAX submissions result in form cache not getting updated for the second submission 2017-08-09
29% details#2862092: Views preview crashes 2017-08-09
29% details#2858890: Drupal.views.ajaxView is not initializing pagers in nested views 2017-08-09
29% details#2858764: Empty "activeTray" in Toolbar's Model 2017-08-09
36% details#2852724: Machine-name field is not effectively hidden from keyboard and screen reader users. 2017-08-09
29% details#2845161: States API doesn't work with default null value on select type and #multiple or #size option 2017-08-09
29% details#2842525: Ajax attached to Views exposed filter form does not trigger callbacks 2017-08-09
29% details#2831667: Autocomplete doesn't trigger `formUpdated` 2017-08-09
34% details#2828528: Add Quick Edit Functional JS test coverage 2017-08-09
29% details#2822217: DrupalImageCaption plugin does not recognize <img src>, with a manually specified src 2017-08-09
3% details#2818655: Introduce `Support:` syntax tagging Browser Hacks in source code 2017-08-09
29% details#2815103: QuickEdit toolbar doesn't show when starting to edit another entity without closing the current instance 2017-08-09
21% details#2807241: Funky code in Views UI to make Add display list doesn't work in non-English languages 2017-08-09
17% details#2800773: Admin term overview page: allow disabling tabledrag 2017-08-09
50% details#2792593: Details HTML element does not work without .details-wrapper 2017-08-09
34% details#2784935: Outside In: Use Backbone for client-side state management 2017-08-09
29% details#2775651: No active language in language switcher for URL with query string 2017-08-09
29% details#2762963: Can't scroll vertical toolbar tray to reveal last item, applies to both mobile and desktop breakpoints 2017-08-09
23% details#2755873: Add ability to show the actual viewport on screenshots in JavascriptTestBase 2017-08-09
20% details#2711707: Use of LocalStorage setItem not supported in private browsing in safari, breaking all JS on the site. 2017-08-09
29% details#2707879: Contextual Links do not respect pathPrefix 2017-08-09
29% details#2649546: Alignment/justify buttons not appearing for CKEditor, <p class="text-align-left text-align-center text-align-right text-align-… 2017-08-09
17% details#2773791: Clicking elements with children in Javascript tests throws a GastonJS exception 2017-08-09
11% details#2738637: Inline JS blocked when strict MIME type checking is enabled. 2017-08-09
29% details#2667396: Make the toolbar remember its open/closed state when in the horizontal position. 2017-08-09
29% details#2666988: File Field Auto Upload doesn't work on slow network (before DOM READY/LOAD) 2017-08-09
51% details#2666746: [PERFORMANCE] Simultaneous file uploads re-posting data 2017-08-09
29% details#2662932: Drupal.file.progressBar doesn't replace APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS|UPLOAD_IDENTIFIER in time 2017-08-09
29% details#2651798: form_test routes improperly defined, why doesn't this fail? 2017-08-09
29% details#2648460: AJAX view with exposed filters & default values does not respect user's empty choice 2017-08-09
29% details#2637500: Fields floated via CSS can break Quick Edit — also happens for Article nodes in Bartik 2017-08-09
29% details#2627788: Focus state bug on text field AJAX calls 2017-08-09
14% details#2620748: Recoverable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Drupal\comment\CommentManager::getCountNewComments() 2017-08-09
64% details#2616184: Right click should not work on submit buttons with Ajax behaviors 2017-08-09
29% details#2608384: Unsaved allowed html tags are lost when adding a plugin 2017-08-09
17% details#2575541: Move ESLint config to core folder 2017-08-09
34% details#2570093: Replace !placeholder with @placeholder where needed in JavaScript 2017-08-09
29% details#2561367: Back to content editing bar on node preview page not visible when javascript is disabled 2017-08-09
34% details#2554221: Port Cross-site Scripting - Autocomplete system from SA-CORE-2015-003 to Drupal 8 2017-08-09
29% details#2539664: Contextual links in views preview not working 2017-08-09
29% details#2530052: Undefined settings in locale.datepicker.js 2017-08-09
26% details#2527740: Consider to remove support for #ajax['url'] 2017-08-09
17% details#2524222: Implement regions into tableDrag from Block module. 2017-08-09
11% details#2513356: Add a default CSP and clickjacking defence and minimal API for CSP to core 2017-08-09
50% details#2508796: Query string is appended multiple time after each AJAX request 2017-08-09
29% details#2494235: Toolbar renders incorrectly due to 'contextual-region' class on <body> added by views-contextual.js 2017-08-09
4% details#2490140: [Meta] Make sure contrib use ESLint 2017-08-09
29% details#2463061: states.js attach add listeners but does not remove them 2017-08-09
17% details#2474019: Implement before and after behavior ordering 2017-08-09
9% details#2465749: [meta] Widespread HTML validation issue - The ID attribute MUST be unique on the page. 2017-08-09
17% details#2452343: toolbar add in javascript classes to remove confusion with css 2017-08-09
17% details#2445271: #states element empty check not triggered on mouse based paste 2017-08-09
21% details#2442851: Views dialogs cannot be reopened 2017-08-09
29% details#2438713: blacklist spills over to all autocomplete options 2017-08-09
29% details#2395065: Certain URL fragments cause javascript error when collapsible fieldset is present on page 2017-08-09
23% details#2359711: Improve Error Message of "Authored By" 2017-08-09
9% details#2422737: Tabledrag event after dragging elements 2017-08-09
43% details#2412945: Determine which additional asset libraries should be in the critical path/loaded i/t header (core/drupal, core/dropbutton) 2017-08-09
29% details#2395845: Add core/drupal.form library to all Drupal forms 2017-08-09
64% details#2402103: Rewrite jQuery.once [Remove dependency on jQuery] 2017-08-09
43% details#2384153: Node preview bar should re-calculate BODY padding-top, otherwise user menu (top of page) is obscured 2017-08-09
23% details#2343297: Add JS to prevent non-menu blocks from being added to Bartik's two special-purpose menu regions 2017-08-09
23% details#2021065: hide the table header when empty search on the test overview page 2017-08-09
34% details#2346815: [module:node] Replace JS #id and .selectors for data-drupal-* 2017-08-09
23% details#2343777: Add a tooltip to the toggle contextual-link button 2017-08-09
7% details#2314443: Changing view name does not update page title in views ui 2017-08-09
40% details#2292083: Need to scroll to see Save options on content edit 2017-08-09
23% details#2278479: Change the dropbutton theme function to ensure consistent output and accommodate the splitbutton design 2017-08-09
23% details#2277551: Add a 'static' variant to the progress bar 2017-08-09
23% details#2277795: Remove completely irrelevant addition of "menu-item__link" class in tabledrag.js 2017-08-09
29% details#2277785: Tabledrag "tree-child" classes not being added 2017-08-09
57% details#2258313: Implement JS Web License Labels to allow for JS minification 2017-08-09
14% details#2215857: Behaviors get attached to removed forms 2017-08-09
29% details#2226405: FAPI #states: dependent element added via AJAX initializes incorrectly if dependee has been initialized earlier 2017-08-09
14% details#2224541: Tour module popup stays fixed when toolbar moves 2017-08-09
29% details#2209063: Fix the flicker of the "active" icons when a high-latency user clicks on toolbar items 2017-08-09
29% details#2207619: Edit icon for node in view's preview doesn't work 2017-08-09
9% details#2193333: Follow RFC 4329; use application/javascript instead of text/javascript 2017-08-09
17% details#2190981: Use a theme function to handle markup in progress.js 2017-08-09
29% details#2186643: Autocomplete always searches the last tag 2017-08-09
40% details#2186647: Autocomplete: duplicates of existing terms are suggested (regression) 2017-08-09
14% details#2175513: Handle params array in Drupal.Views.parseQueryString JS function 2017-08-09
11% details#2170541: Allow dialog ajax definition to be less verbose 2017-08-09
43% details#2158943: Use polyfill for dialogs 2017-08-09
14% details#2119299: Make sure D8 works with mobile proxy browsers 2017-08-09
23% details#2101171: Make views options dropdowns part of the navigation of the view 2017-08-09
29% details#2087009: Make sure weights are unique when using tabledrag 2017-08-09
21% details#2082319: Comment's node_new_comments View field history markers ("new" comment marker) forces render caching to be per user 2017-08-09
11% details#2082317: Forum history markers ("new" and "updated" markers, "x new posts" links) forces render caching to be per user 2017-08-09
29% details#1976614: Setting dateFormat for datepicker should not be translated 2017-08-09
6% details#2044579: [meta] Supporting single page application development on Drupal Core. 2017-08-09
17% details#1810366: Warn site maintainers on the modules page that a module's library requirements are incompatible or older than libraries in Core 2017-08-09
23% details#1993518: Display batch progress in modals 2017-08-09
23% details#1982208: Replace indentation theme hook/indentation.html.twig with data attributes 2017-08-09
21% details#1967800: Views UI filter checkboxes: Issue 2017-08-09
17% details#1795268: Block metadata should use the standard "name" and "description" fields; follow content type form layout as the model 2017-08-09
23% details#1921136: Previous button for tour tips 2017-08-09
40% details#1936708: Current element values missing from vertical tabs when shown in 2-column layout 2017-08-09
21% details#1920876: Add a tiny bit of state magic in the image.module and hide the Title and Alt groups when the related form items are disabled 2017-08-09
30% details#1899616: Sticky table headers float instead of being sticky at the top on narrow screens 2017-08-09
29% details#1877820: Ajax error when checking/importing interface translations 2017-08-09
30% details#1848940: When enabling or disabling a View, don't move the cursor to the top of the page 2017-08-09
23% details#1864944: Tests for ajaxPageState does not contain JS files that are in scopes other than 'header' 2017-08-09
23% details#1855036: ARIA and accessibility improvements in entity (content) translation settings page 2017-08-09
29% details#1854030: Add hint to translation settings page when tables appear off screen 2017-08-09
23% details#1847916: Replace the ajax-progress-throbber div with a class 2017-08-09
6% details#1842040: [meta] Decide on where to use modal dialogs 2017-08-09
23% details#1836392: In the Views UI, the interaction pattern of “All displays”/ “Override this display” is confusing 2017-08-09
23% details#1831282: Remove nojs from menu callbacks in favour of content negotiation from the request object 2017-08-09
7% details#1824634: [meta] Dropbutton accessibility issues 2017-08-09
23% details#1810352: Support version detection of core libraries when implemented through drupal_process_attached (drupal_add_library) 2017-08-09
17% details#1806976: Move each major atomic frontend library into an own module 2017-08-09
23% details#1786198: Make consistent regions in code for fields UI overview screens 2017-08-09
6% details#1770720: [META] Gradual changes to Field UI 2017-08-09
36% details#1764912: Fix regressions and further improve tableheader.js 2017-08-09
43% details#1751388: Selectors clean-up: filter module 2017-08-09
17% details#1751356: Selectors clean-up: field_ui 2017-08-09
34% details#1751312: Rewrite vertical-tabs.js 2017-08-09
34% details#1751308: Refactor tableselect.js 2017-08-09
6% details#1649670: [META] Improving Drupal sites JavaScript Licence Compliance 2017-08-09
7% details#1649654: Non-trivial JavaScript files need GPL license declaration for compliant distribution to browsers 2017-08-09
7% details#1644090: [Meta] form data loss 2017-08-09
17% details#1643386: Avoid useless "_" at begining and end of JS machine name transliterate 2017-08-09
11% details#1621362: Trouble getting form to rebuild on AJAX action 2017-08-09
17% details#1615474: Activate current vertical tab from URL fragment 2017-08-09
14% details#1587536: JS aggregation should account for "defer" and "async" attributes 2017-08-09
17% details#1540780: internally link modules on admin/modules 2017-08-09
17% details#1537198: Add a Production/Development Toggle To Core 2017-08-09
7% details#1440628: [Meta] javascript toolbar/tableheader with url fragment mess 2017-08-09
17% details#1503072: Always show vertical tabs button(menu) links 2017-08-09
29% details#1477550: Bring progressbar to the postmodern era 2017-08-09
13% details#1473760: Use data-* to check modules dependencies before submit 2017-08-09
29% details#1426646: "-Select-" option is lost when form elements uses '#states' 2017-08-09
29% details#997826: #states doesn't work correctly with type text_format 2017-08-09
23% details#2894269: `bool` in JSDoc should be `boolean` 2017-08-08
23% details#1354992: Protect against JSON data hijacking with typical CSRF protections 2017-08-08
17% details#1016056: Hide tabledrag handle and "Show row weights" when there is only one item in list 2017-08-08
23% details#1337628: Enhance language select form with textbox and other tools 2017-08-08
14% details#1310642: Adding drupal_add_tabledrag() support for parents with depth 0 2017-08-08
36% details#1272990: Make tabledrag warning message show when row weights are enabled, and add WAI-ARIA live region 2017-08-08
36% details#994360: #states cannot disable/enable radios and checkboxes 2017-08-08
29% details#1149078: States API doesn't work with multiple select fields 2017-08-08
7% details#1091852: Display Bug when using #states (Forms API) with Ajax Request 2017-08-08
4% details#1017020: timezone detect while installing should not always run. 2017-08-08
20% details#997370: Tabledrag is not hiding the correct columns 2017-08-08
17% details#583400: jQuery UI libraries are loading too much CSS that needs to be reverted / Allow jQuery UI themes to be swappable 2017-08-08
7% details#495100: drupal_add_tabledrag() javascript hides drag handle together with 1st column, if 1st column is in $group 2017-08-08
17% details#490092: Autocomplete should have everything selected when clicked 2017-08-08
9% details#445098: Provide a consistent method to generate cookies 2017-08-08
32% details#197641: Drag and drop is not RTL aware 2017-08-08
36% details#153313: Form data is lost when using the browser's back button 2017-08-08
36% details#2885583: Close button in tour module lacks descriptive text 2017-08-06
23% details#2868299: Improve autocomplete renderItem() docs 2017-08-05
45% details#2725259: [regression] Table Drag handles no longer respond to up/down arrow keys 2017-08-05
29% details#2639822: Contextual links destination uses internal paths, not path aliases 2017-08-04

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