Last modified active 8.x javascript issues in the last 2 weeks

User pain Issue Changed
34% details#2775653: JavascriptTests with webDriver 2017-12-15
23% details#2925064: [1/2] JS codestyle: no-restricted-syntax 2017-12-15
43% details#77245: Provide a common API for displaying JavaScript messages 2017-12-15
29% details#2915762: Return to tab position when exiting dialog opened from contextual link 2017-12-14
43% details#2293803: Replace confirm password field with show/hide functionality 2017-12-14
29% details#2924351: Fix coding standards issues with existing settings tray JavaScript 2017-12-14
17% details#2707669: Replace `throw` statement `Drupal.throwError` 2017-12-13
17% details#1993334: Add HTML5shiv to Stable and Classy only 2017-12-12
43% details#2926155: List the jQuery UI dependencies explicitly 2017-12-12
43% details#1751388: Selectors clean-up: filter module 2017-12-08
36% details#2928820: IME enhancement stops autocomplete search event in Android when typing an English word 2017-12-07
17% details#2921810: Allow TimestampFormatter to show as a fully cacheable 'time ago' with JS 2017-12-07
7% details#1091852: Display Bug when using #states (Forms API) with Ajax Request 2017-12-07
29% details#2885755: Not all toolbar items are tabs: Toolbar's "activeTab" handling interferes with active-link.js 2017-12-06
23% details#2912706: CKEditor / Replace #ID selectors for data-drupal-selector attribute 2017-12-04
14% details#1587536: JS aggregation should account for "defer" and "async" attributes 2017-12-04

Sorting of the JavaScript issue queues based on user pain rating.

User pain = Type * Priority * Public / Max score

Highlighted rows are killer issues , issues that take a significant effort to fix due to their complexity.