Last modified active 8.x javascript issues in the last 2 weeks

User pain Issue Changed
34% details#2868137: Improve JavaScript build tooling. 2017-04-30
34% details#2815077: Adopt airbnb javascript style guide v13 as new baseline javascript coding standards for Drupal 8 core and contrib 2017-04-30
20% details#2711707: Use of LocalStorage setItem not supported in private browsing in safari, breaking all JS on the site. 2017-04-29
43% details#2856047: Avoid random failures in JavascriptTestBase when testing functionality in a dialog 2017-04-29
54% details#2493957: Add back errors & summary support to native HTML5 details tag 2017-04-28
13% details#2104633: Allow selecting multiple checkboxes on "Modules" page with a single click 2017-04-28
64% details#1870006: Fragment navigation with toolbar + tableheader 2017-04-28
60% details#2235977: JS Client-side file validation is broken (because ajaxPageState is broken?) 2017-04-28
21% details#2811717: [outsidein] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of null 2017-04-25
4% details#2809161: Convert Javascript/AJAX testing to use JavascriptTestBase 2017-04-23
60% details#2542050: Toolbar implementation creates super annoying re-rendering. 2017-04-22
29% details#2871829: Simultaneous AJAX submissions result in form cache not getting updated for the second submission 2017-04-22
29% details#2784495: Normalize block place and outside-in experiences 2017-04-21
23% details#2871619: Refactoring content_type.js 2017-04-21
7% details#590328: tableheader.js should give sticky-header table the same class as original table 2017-04-19
17% details#2551373: contextual.js and quickedit.js should fail gracefully, with useful error messages, when Twig templates forget to print attributes 2017-04-17
29% details#2785047: In Outside In mode, messages should appear in the off-canvas tray, not the main page 2017-04-17

Sorting of the JavaScript issue queues based on user pain rating.

User pain = Type * Priority * Public / Max score

Highlighted rows are killer issues , issues that take a significant effort to fix due to their complexity.